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Maybe Time For A Cheeky Offer?

If we could secure you FULLSHARE ownership of an ensuite bedroom here at £99,000 and a percentage share ownership of the island, would you be curious?

How can this be possible. Well our Lighthouse Tower Hotel had FULLSHARE (not time-share) 100% ownership bedrooms at £30,000 each. We will feature that real-life adventure soon, so please check back frequently.

Meanwhile we have this magnificent place for sale with a huge, splendid Art Deco Hotel. Would you fancy owning one of the bedrooms at say £99,000? Please note, this can ONLY be processed through a properly structured company that actually owns the island and hotel.

So details of FULLSHARE hotel Room Ownership can be obtained: Click Here.

^^ Burgh Island & Hotel ^^
Bigbury-on-Sea, South Devon, TQ7 4BG

Photo Licenced From Alamy (Fee Paid). Author: Dan Burton

The owner bought this awesome island and buildings for £8.4 Million in 2018. There has been a Planning Permission GRANTED. The current sale price is quoted at…

Owner/Agency Asking: £15 million.

It is, without doubt a gorgeous property. So much so, it has appeared in numerous films and television series.

We have owned and lived on similar island property; our team have been brought up on islands. We have helped sell several. We cannot see where the £15,000,000 guide comes from.

Our View Would Be: £9.5 million.


Via OUR readers’ established

Hotel Toom Ownership Initiative…


FULLSHARE Per Bedroom Ownership

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“Hotel Rooms Ownership At Burgh Island”

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Our readers have a group of mischief makers who club together and, for example would buy a bedroom FULLSHARE (not Time-Share). That means owning the hotel room via the freehold, in perpetuity AND for 52 weeks a year. Not some random, overpriced week in October. Details of our previous and current hotel-room-ownership projects where we ensure viability (and even renovate and re-open closed hotels to create jobs and bring back local amenities), please get in touch: Click Here.

This is a truly unique way of bringing life back into the hotel sector. An industry that has been ravaged by the Covid pandemic Then when financial reseves are all used up, manuy hotels have struggled with rising fuel prices. To finis quite a lot of hotels off we have rising interest rates and somfor the poor blighters in Scotland some very ropey, badly written legislation that threatens to closkill off large chunks of the tourist ndustry.

Whilst ere in Devon, a £15,000,000 hotel and island has a very rarified pool of buyers ho play at the £15,000,000 level.

By dumb luck more than design, our Hotel-Room-Ownership has been tested with closed hotels and reaworks so well as the people woh sed their funds (directly to the conveynancing solicitors) actually end up legally owning and controlling the hotel.

Not some Costa Del Crime character who rips our friend off for £18,000 (that is how we created the Hotel-Room-Ownership legal structure. More details of that with photos, title deeds and  full narrrative of how the legalities work (and work well) is being put together in a special feature artcile to be uploaded onto our Unique Property Bulletin in the next few weeks.

It is also worth mentioning we BAN mortgages on all of the hotels. It is 100^% pure ownership by the FULLSHARE bedroom owners>

By enabling the actual FULLSHARE bedroom owners to CONTROL the hotel with a view to keeping it open (at least 26 weeks hotel use and 1 week to 26 weeks like Keanu Reeves where he actually lives in a hotel). Though to live what is now known as a very economical “intrnet nomad” lifestyle, you would likely need to own a hotel bedroom in 3 hotels. This would afford you a very comfortable base with ensuite bedroom and room service ay some very exotic places to live. Plus enjoy going south for the winters so you have “Two-Summers-&-No-Winters”.

=> This started out in a real world example at our Lighthouse Tower House Hotel with FULLSHARE bedroom ownership and a share of the Hotel freehold at £30,00per bedroom. We will be featuring that adventure soon.

But first, for your background research…

BBC Article: Click Here

Estate Agency Detail & LOTS of Phootos

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For Sale

RAF Balado

Secure For Nuclear Event


Nuclear Magnetic EMP Safe Storage Centre

^^ Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^

EMP: Electro Magnetic Pulse Protective Building

Makes This Excellent For Bank + Financial Data Safety

Whole Site: £950,000.

Or as a single…

EMP Nuclear Safe Building


Click Here


For Sale

Lighthouse Keeper’s Engine House

Full Planning Permission For Conversion

To 2-Bedroom Detached Home/Holiday Letting

Offers Over: £149,000.


For Regular Fresh Lighthouses Buildings For Sale

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^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

(Tower NOT Included)

Noss Head Lighthouse Station,

Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT

Offers Over: £149,000

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Lighthouse Engine House


November 2023

Always check back to make sure the sale completes. About 18% of sales fail. So you may still secure a lighthouse building treat.

For Freshly Listed Lighthouse Buildings For Sale

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(Paper Format To Internet In 2012)


Something Special This Way Comes

For the rest of this page, we have LISTED a SUMMARY of each spare part of property we have for sale as at May 4th 2023. The reason for clearing the decks is we intend to prove that ELECTRICITY BILLS CAN BE HALVED. Details at the end of this list. None of our buildings have any mortgage, so we should manage to raise sufficient funds to do what needs to be done to relieve up to 81% of folk in the country who are concerned about their electricity bills.

=> So that our loyal readers can get a heads-up and some advance notice, we are publishing this list at the earliest possible opportunity.

Each SHORT SUMMARY of the unique properties/projects will be expanded upon in the next few weeks; along with our regular updates of other unique property.

Without further ado, here is our…


Major Unique Property Sale

Basic Summary List

This main page will help you with three things: (1). To see a way you can half your electricity bills and: (2). Maybe save a bit of the planet! (3). Help you find a unique home to live in… 



Hotel Room Ownership

Hotel Room Ownership

Full-Share NOT Time-Share.

Located on a beautiful island.

Guide: £39,000.

Click Here


As we complete the more FULSOME details for each unique property (as evidenced above this red text by a “click here” link), this line will descend down the page until ALL of the SUMMARY boxes have a link to the best expanded details we are able to arrange.

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Not Time-Share

^ ^ This Is FULL-SHARE ^^

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Not Time-Share

^ ^ This Is FULL-SHARE ^^

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Not Time-Share

^ ^ This Is FULL-SHARE ^^

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Not Time-Share

^ ^ This Is FULL-SHARE ^^

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Part of the new movie “Tetris” was filmed at the former RAF Balado site. The principles underwriting the shapes of “Tetris” have inspired the Unique Property Bulletin approach of developing the Balado site into a few bespoke and enigmatically shaped theme, rather than 40 to 150 newbuild “identical box” type design of housing. 

As an homage to 60 foot tall, iconic Radome “golf ball” for which Balado is famed, the candidate designs suggested, have a reflection from “Tetris” to varying degrees. Several on the “shapes” theme have featured in Unique Property Bulletin over the years.

For example the shape of this proposed shapely home bears an uncanny resemblance to “Tetris”…









Unique Property For Sale

The summary listings ABOVE this paragraph will have the FULL details added, including where appropriate, Planning Permissions, Building Warrants and links to Rightmove during May & June 2023.

=> This SUMMARY PAGE is to let our regular readers know what we are selling in our SURPLUS UNIQUE PROPERTY SALE.

We will be using the spare funds to build an ecological power generation station. This is to prove that it is possible to HALF the cost of electricity in the UK. 

The ultimate aim is to build lots of these generator stations and all across the country.

The vast majority will be COMMUNITY OWNED. Typically for supplying electricity/heating for 50 to 500 local homes and businesses…

=> With electricity at HALF the current price.


=> Because as our first charity discovered, 400 people in the UK die of debt each year (click here).

When we manage to reduce the cost of electricity to affordable levels again, then this horrendous tragedy of debt-deaths should be reduced.

Hence our determination to get a move on. That is why we are uploading just the list to start and completing the full set of details for each item in the next few weeks.


Not Time-Share

^ ^ This Is FULL-SHARE ^^

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The Former RAF Balado

May Become:-

Tetris Village

Due to the interestingly shaped newbuild houses.



The directors selling off our spare unique property items and bringing together a significant amount of funding.

This is to launch a proof-of-concept ECO-POWER-STATION. Why? To prove…


Crucially it is important to prove that the directors and subscribers have undertaken projects of these magnitudes before and can project manage the newbuild of what will ultimately be a nationwide series of…

=> Community Owned Ecological Power generation Stations. Capacity for 50 to 500 homes/businesses for each station.

Both on a charity or not-for-profit/co-operative basis. For example, experience in charity registration and operation…

Charity Number 1.

Registered by Russ McLean in 1997.

^^ The First Charity We Registered ^^

It is a fact that in 2022 the BBC estimated…


… of adults in the UK are worried about the Cost of Living Crisis.

(Source: Click Here)

Worse, the highly respected money-advice advocate, Martin Lewis C.B.E., reckons that in 2018…

100,000 people attempt debt-suicide

…in the UK each year

(Source: Click Here)

People Should NOT Die of Debt.

The details and bona fides of the first charity can be studied…

Click Here


Charity Number 2.

Registered by Russ McLean in 2012

Now run by Mr Iain Sim.

As well as registering our Creditcare Money Advice Charity in 1996 (here), the owner of this website and managing director of Argyll Group registered a second charity in 2012.

It is important to note that the Friends of TS Queen Mary charity is now managed by the co-founder, Mr Iain Sim. Russ McLean had become disabled following spinal surgery. Please don’t mention this as he is none too keen on being see in the light of pity. Quite the opposite, we are able to mention this occasionally as at least three of our Argyll group shareholders have a disability and it is the hope at  this end of the project, folk will begin into see that being disabled is can be overcome.

For the purposes of the eco-electricity power generation project, it is important to make full disclosure. Hence mentioning the spinal surgery.

^^ Founding Trustees ^^

^^ Russ McLean (middle) and Iain Sim (right) ^^

Fortunately, Russ has recovered sufficiently and whilst Iain always extends the grace of inviting Russ back to the trustees at the Friends of TS Queen Mary project, the limitations that managing spinal conditions bring about, mean it would dilute the workload and be less than the best help to the Friends of TS Queen Mary charity. This is very tempting when the progress of this charity is seen…

^^ TS Queen Mary: Before Restoration ^^ 

Being Towed Home To Scotland

(c) 15th May 2015 Thanks To Dave Souza

CC BY-SA 4.0 (Click Here)


^^ TS Queen Mary: After Phase 1 Restoration ^^ 

(c) May 2022 Thanks To FOTSQM

Main charity website

Click Here

Indeed, Russ is looking to persuade Iain to join with the likely eco-energy project’s charity arm.

So far, Iain has had to decline. We recently lost one of our patrons, Robbie Coltrane…

Conveniently, Russ McLean lives close to the OSCR offices (Office of the Scottish Charity Commissioner). So, it is becoming a well work path between his house and office to the northern office of the Charity Commissioners.

Once the charity for TS Queen Mary had been registered, it was still a struggle to raise a funds.

At this point, we were very fortunate in having Robbie Coltrane join the charity as Patron. Fundraising was given a handsome boost…

^^ Robbie Coltrane ^^

Patron of the TS Queen Mary Charity

Robbie helped raise huge amounts of money for the Friends of TS Queen Mary Charity.

The friends of TS Queen Mary charity has been incredibly lucky as it benefitted from having two patrons.

This patronage cannot be over-emphasised. Robbie alone was raising £12 to £24 a time through “Cameo” video birthday messages and other video personalised content (generally here). The amount raised have been awesome. In excess of £18,000 a year which, given the disabling pain Robbie had been suffering, was a remarkable contribution.

With great comfort, the relationship has been a two way street. Robbie’s declining health meant he was unable to work on his beloved classic cars. It was distressing see each beloved car go for sale as the maintenance was beyond this kind man.

But when the patronage of TS Queen Mary came up, a sparkle was reignited in Robbie’s eye. This was  wonderful thing to see. Robbie really got stuck into the engineering and plans as well as the fundraising.

Without funds, the ship would never have made it from our original rescue attempts when it was at risk of being scrapped in 2012. lease take a moment to study these numbers. This is pivotal to making a philanthropic wish into a decent reality…

^^ Friends of TS Queen Mary Charity Accounts ^^

Source: Click Here

It would, of course, be the height of bad manners not to mention HRH Princess Anne. These were very happy days as Robbie and the Trustees had yearned for the ability (and funds to transform the TS Queen Mary from just a static educational exhibit, to a fully functional and maritime legislation/port of registry compliant sailing vessel.

^^ Princess Anne Aboard TS Queen Mary ^^

Fundraising is now at £498,000 Per Annum.

Photo Attribution Thanks To Martin Shields

This photograph is one of Russ McLean’s favourites.

=> It pictures charity co-founder and current Chairman, Mr Iain Sim showing our charity patron, HRH Princess Anne around the ship.

Iain has worked very hard over 11 years to get the charity to the current healthy place.

In fact Iain has worked a near-miracle.

=> Many folk assumed the TS Queen Mary would always be a “static exhibit”. A quayside museum. Good, but not quite back to the days that so many associated with supporting this effort yearn to see.

Iain and the trustees, plus a considerable number of other helpers, along with hard work fundraising, always wanted to see TS Queen Mary completing the job she was built for:-

=> Rebuilt to the point where the ship would get its engines back and the rebuild would be up to statutory standard so that the ship could ail with a full complement of passengers again,

The Princess Royal made the announcement that the ship would sail gain under its own steam during a special visit… 

^^ Princess Anne Announces Very Good News ^^


All of The Above Effort 

To Indicate

This Next project

Is Possible:

Or if you are NOT a fan of wind-turbines, you can take your pick, as we intend building a “proof-of-concept” one of each of these methods of electrcity generation…

Crucially the costs will be kept down so that they are a much more affordable HALF of what the current horrendous energy bills are doing.


Please Check Back Regularly

Whether you like the prospect of…


Or maybe…


It might be an idea to check this page every now and then as we will be adding more of our land and building for sale.

=> You are welcome to include your name and email address in the annoying pop-up box that appears on this website.

Then we can let you know when NEW thing are added here.

Kindest wishes

The Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., + Argyll Group Ltd., + The Scotslion Ltd., Teams.


Feel Free To Ask Questions

Or if you would just like to get in touch for a chat.

You can TEXT us on: 0757 2768 795 with a note of your email address and the property you are interested in. We will then make best efforts to keep you updated.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Russ McLean, Managing Director,

Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., & Scotslion Ltd. 

^^ Project MD: Russ McLean ^^

Working, or rather creating mischief at Unique Property Bulletin (here) and also this #COPSenergy = #Community-Owned Power Station energy initiative ~ at this old desk…

^^ In The Post-Covid World of Video Calls

This bit is not often seen: the mess behind the camera. Or if you are feeling charitable: the hive of industry and work by the computer!


Argyll Group Ltd

Company Managing Director 

David Rutherford

^^ David Rutherford ^^

Director At Argyll Group Ltd & Related Companies.

Retained firefighter service has come to a mutually agreeable end. If anything can emphasise how important the AFFORDABLE ELETRICITY GENERATION project is, it is the fact that David has left one of his beloved firefighter jobs to devote more time to the work at what is likely to be our third charity.

How David manages to fit all that in plus family life and currently SEVEN ongoing projects with is beyond those of us that are getting on in years. David volunteers as director. He volunteers at the charities he is part of. Thankyou David, from the Scotslion  and Unique Property Bulletin Teams.


Russ McLean is also a director of the various limited companies within which we ring-fence each building project.

The last element for this page, and possibly the most STARTLING for us, because this sort of thing does NOT generally happen to ordinary people like our crew at Argyll Group and Scotslion Ltd.


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